“I learned that before 2X, I didn’t have a real business; I had a ‘hustle’. Now I have a real business that is way more streamlined, scalable and systematic than ever.”

Perry Jeffries III

Financial Advisor & Coach, The Entrepreneur’s CFO

The Challenge

When Perry got started with 2X, we immediately identified the major bottlenecks that were keeping him from making the income he truly desired, and it was apparent early on that he was like most 6-figure entrepreneurs…

Perry wasn’t running a business. He was running a “hustle”. 

He was the business. If he stopped, so too did his entire business and future income. Sound familiar?

With no infrastructure, systems or differentiation he was fighting month-to-month for new clients. We knew there was a better way…


The Results

Week by week, Perry started to gain more momentum. We totally optimized his business model, and simplified his focus on how he could quickly explode his income.

With a few key systems and operations pieces, Perry finally started to build a real business – and one that didn’t need him to fight for new clients each week and month.

Perry not only revamped his entire business, but he became a new person in the process, having a big impact on his mindset, confidence, family life and opportunities.

And on top of that, the income quickly followed…

Perry’s starting income the month before 2X:


1. Foundation

Month 1 – End of Month income: $6,667

Perry felt the 2X difference take shape in the first month. It didn’t happen overnight, but adding a few systems and processes to Perry’s operation made a difference he could feel.

“Really streaming down the process and putting in systems and automation took a lot of stress off of me in the sense of I knew what I was going into everyday.”

Perry Jeffries

2. Momentum

Month 2 – End of Month income: $14,000

During the second month of the program, Perry felt the impact in not only his income, but also in his time. By prioritizing his time and owning his calendar, he was able to have focused family time that was stress-free because he wasn’t worrying about what was now becoming a real business.

“I had to have an honest evaluation around what I was doing in my business and where I was spending my time. That was huge.”

Perry Jeffries

3. Scale

Month 3 – End of Month income: $25,460

By the end of the 90 days, Perry had scaled his business 5.7X. He had systems in place that saved him time, decreased his stress and eliminated the constant hustle. He was no longer a freelancer or simply running a hustle. He was a business owner.

“Not in the fifteen years I had been in my industry nor when I went 100% independent over the past 4 years did I ever look at my business on paper from start to finish. That was probably the most eye-opening thing I’ve ever done.”

Perry Jeffries

Where Will Your Business Be In 90 Days?

A Word From Perry on The 2X Growth Program:

“Being completely honest with yourself: Do you really actually want to get better? Do you actually want to improve? You say, ‘I want to make more money. I want more time.’

If you really want to do that, you are going to
have to make an investment.”

Perry Jeffries

Financial Advisor and Coach,
The Entrepreneur’s CFO


It’s time to become a true business owner:

  • To have the time and freedom you’ve always wanted…
  • To simplify your processes and add systems to your operation…
  • To truly scale your business to earn the income you are capable of making…

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