From £6,344 per month to over £21,000 in the 2X Growth program!

How Jon Earned 42% of His
12-Month “Dream Goal” Income…
In Just 45 Days!

as a result of the 2X Growth Program, I got rid of the choke point of having to do everything myself.

Jon Bockelmann-Evans

JBE Health

The Challenge

Being a one-man show can sometimes be hard. There are so many things to do in business that it’s hard to see how to grow after you’ve been doing things the same way for awhile…

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, we’ve found that the key to freedom, consistency, and fast growth in your business is:


Jon took his great skills and leveraged the power of Systems to create a much stronger, more streamlined, and successful business in just 90 days in the 2X Growth Program.

Now he’s headed on the fast-path to his “Dream” income goal!

after the 2x Growth program

The way we see it here at 2X is, a great business should in fact generate Time Freedom, A Lot More Money, and Fast, Consistent Growth.

After the 90-Day 2X Growth Program, Jon’s business does just that:

A great business should in fact generate:

1. Time Freedom

“My goal isn’t to work 24/7. I value my time with my family, and now see how I can have both the successful business and keep this time very balanced.”

2. Great Money

Jon started off the program well under-charging for his services. He has since more than doubled and tripled his prices (for his two audiences) and dramatically grown his income from £6,344 per month to over £21,000 in just 45 days! And he now has the foundation and momentum to hit his “dream” income goal!

3. Consistent and Fast Growth

Growth means nothing if it isn’t sustained. Jon used his momentum to build a bigger than ever pipeline of leads that puts him on track for his biggest year ever. Entrepreneurship is often a game of momentum and Jon now has it on his side!

A Word From Jon On the 2X Growth Program:

“If you want your business to grow but not have to spend every hour of your life working on it, do the 2X program.”

Jon Bockelmann-Evans

JBE Health


It’s time to build a much more successful, sustainable, scalable business. We can help.

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