ATTENTION: We're Hiring
2X Marketing Lead
Do You Want To Leverage Your Online Marketing Skills and Knowledge Working Remotely For A Fast-Growing Startup?
If this sounds of interest, please read on… 
  • The Company: 2X is a fast-growing coaching and consulting company helping entrepreneurs all over the world scale their business and freedom faster than ever.  
  • The Role: Marketing Lead - This role will be trained and groomed to become our CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for 2X working directly with CEO Austin Netzley and the leadership team to exponentially grow our reach and revenue. 
  • Location: You can work from anywhere you want as our entire team is virtual.
  • Pay: This is a salary role that will likely include performance incentives for upside growth.
  • Hours: Full Time work or at the least can quickly grow into that opportunity. 
We are accepting applications for a qualified Marketing Lead to join our growing 2X team and get paid to empower business owners from around the world with our proven 2X Coaching and Consulting Training Programs.

What kind of qualifications do you need? 
  • You have at least 3 years of experience leading and implementing successful online marketing strategies.
  • Experience with marketing funnel building, tracking and optimization.
  • You’re very familiar and comfortable running paid traffic strategies, specifically on Facebook and Google.
  • You have experience with other marketing channels outside of paid ads: content strategies, page optimization, email, social media and more...
  • You have in-depth experience and knowledge with marketing technology, including but not limited to: email broadcasts, campaign builders, landing pages, utm tracking, CRM, and more...
  • You have experience with JV/Affiliate marketing strategies and relationship management.
  • You can create detailed monthly reports with the ability to show best performing strategies, as well as how to improve underperforming areas.
  • A good understanding of overall business strategy and how marketing fits into the bigger picture.
  • You have lead a marketing team before that helped with implementation.
  • Last but certainly not least, you have a proven track record of driving results and growth with everything listed above.
This Is For You If...
  • You are passionate about marketing, strategy, and growth - both personally and professionally.
  • You can see the big picture and understand the various puzzle pieces of a full marketing strategy.
  • You are great at simply getting things done, and are execution-focused. Getting something to 80% or 90% is not enough, you only settle for 100%.
  • You have a “whatever-it-takes” attitude, love deadlines and thrive on accountability.
  • You are comfortable with all areas of marketing and have the ability to lead a team.
  • You learn quickly and can work without much direction.
  • You're very organized and love the details.
  • You love the numbers and know in business that it's wise to listen to them... especially in marketing.
  • You're a Team-player and are fired up to work with a company that is making a positive difference in the lives of thousands of people around the world.
  • You’re committed to the path of personal development, the psychology of success and embody what we teach at 2X.
  • You are ready to redefine your career, reach new levels of personal and professional success.
Who will you work with?
Our Team of A-Players is spread across the globe, and we work remotely. As a Marketing Lead you can work from anywhere you want. We use Zoom for our team calls and meetings, so as long as you have good internet connection, you can be anywhere. :)

The majority of our Leadership Team is in the Los Angeles area.

As the Marketing Lead, you’ll be working directly with our founder - Austin Netzley, the head of our Machine department - Chandler Perog, our Head Coach Tom Sylvester, our Lead Sales Manager - Pat Bennett, other key leaders on the 2X Team, and of course our marketing department.

With us on your side, you’ll be setup to win in your career and in your life.

The Top 3 Reasons To Join The 2X Coaching Team: 
#1. You'll Be coaching Proven entrepreneurs that want to grow, have potential to make over $100k, and work for anywhere in the world. 
The Top Three Reasons To Join The 2X Team
#1. You’ll Be Directly Driving Our Reach and Growth of Our Client Base, Helping Transform The Lives And Businesses Of Entrepreneurs Around The World. 
We all want to make an impact on the world. With 2X, you'll be leading a world-class service that has been proven over and over again to genuinely transforms people’s businesses – and we don’t say that lightly.
Every day you show up for work, you’ll make a tangible difference by working and helping other leaders from all throughout the world.
Your work will have a deep, significant purpose, and you’ll feel it with every meeting that you run. 
In short, you’ll be getting paid – and having fun – helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses to make the impact they’re committed to as well.
#2. You'll Play A Big Role In An Up-And-Coming Fast-Scaling Startup
We are scaling extremely fast at 2X and have a very cool opportunity to become the best in the world at what we do. There is no shortage of businesses that can use our help, and we're on a mission through our various programs and future initiatives to reach and help impact these entrepreneurs. (See more on the Future of 2X here.)

We move incredibly fast and with purpose, knowing just how many people there are that need our services and trainings. And we're going to do what it takes to help as many as possible.

As a Marketing Lead, you'll be a key lever to help us get more done, more efficiently, and more effectively so that we can continue to scale at a rapid pace. 
#3. You'll Give Your Marketing, Business & Personal Development Skills A Huge Boost, Taking Your Own Life To New Heights.
We believe that success boils down to two core factors: useful resources and hard work.
We’ll give you the resources, in the form of expert training and an amazing foundation to build a world-class company. It’s up to you to apply the hard work, to focus on ongoing improvement, and to bring dedication to your craft.

We live by our Core Values and you'll be inspired by not only the 2X Team but the clients that we bring on board. The energy is contagious. 

Your Next Steps… 
If this sounds like your kind of position, then you’re our kind of Marketing Lead. :)

We’ll show you how to smash through your goals and reach far beyond them – as long as you’ve got the ambition and focus to meet us there.
The Top 3 Reasons To Join The 2X Coaching Team: 
#1. You'll Be coaching Proven entrepreneurs that want to grow, have potential to make over $100k, and work for anywhere in the world. 
If you’re ready to step forward and transform thousands of people’s lives, then click below and apply now.

We only have one available position and are only considering those who take action by applying now.
Submit Your Application By:
To be considered... please send an email to Austin Netzley at [email protected] with the subject line 'Business Coach Superstar  Application' and the following questions answered: 
  • One Paragraph on why you’re a perfect fit for this position. 
  • One Paragraph on why you want to be a part of our growing brand.
  • One Paragraph on what experiences you’ve had growing companies - that has prepared you to be a key piece to our coaching team.
  • Links to your LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram profiles. 
If you're ready to step forward as a business coach superstar and transform thousands of people’s lives, then click the button below to submit your application

We only have two available positions, and are only considering those who take action by applying now.
Submit Your Application By:
Are you interested in working with us but not interested in sales?
If you are NOT a perfect fit as a Sales Rockstar but you think you can add big value to The Team, don’t worry. 

We are growing fast and are in need of even more people. So, if this is you, please email [email protected] with the subject line '2X Additional Superstar Application' and the following questions answered:
  • What is your greatest skill-set? (3 Sentences or less.)
  • How you will specifically add massive value to the brand and Team. (3 Sentences or less.)
  • 2-3 Specific examples of your past work and experiences. (i.e. attachment, link, etc.)
  • One Paragraph explaining why we should hire you to join our Team.
  • Links to your LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram profiles. 
Submit Your Application By: