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The Path to Scale Starts With: Mastering Your Numbers

KPI overview video

The 2X Formula To
Double Your Business

Watch this video to see the exact framework we use to more than double 6 and 7-figure businesses in less than 90 days.

Leading & Lagging KPIs

This will forever change the way you think about your metrics and weekly accountability in your business.

The Value Chain KPIs

Always be able to find and address your top bottleneck holding you back with this simple (yet crazy effective) strategy:

What Numbers Grant Cardone Reviews Daily

“10X” Is a way of Thinking. 2X is a way of Doing. And the 10X man himself shares the key numbers that you need to know as a business owner:

Creating A Simple KPI Dashboard For Your Business

Track your numbers on this spreadsheet template!

Stop Tracking Vanity Metrics!

There are some numbers that matter… and most that don’t!
Start tracking what actually matters.

About 2X

We help entrepreneurs more than double their business in just 90 days. See the 2X trailer here:

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