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10 Proven High-Ticket Sales Tips

“Sales” has a similar effect on entrepreneurs as Apple does on the general public… you either love it or hate it. I understand this because I didn’t grow up loving sales, But as a business owner you need to adapt and learn to LOVE it. (it’s a huge mental block many...

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From 6 to 7 Figures: The 6-Step Approach

What got you to your first six figures WILL NOT get you from 6 to 7 figures! Which is something you may not want to hear... Because you’ve worked hard to scale your business to six-figures. With pure hustle and grit, you’ve finally built momentum and are making some...

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6 Marketing Hacks That Will Help You 2X Your Business

I get it… Marketing is exciting. It’s fun. I love coming up with new growth marketing ideas... Creating new stuff, Working on a new project, Running the numbers of what COULD happen with a marketing campaign… But here’s the reality… Even though I’m about to share with...

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The 6 Levels of Entrepreneurship

We live in an age where it’s easier than ever to become an “entrepreneur”. The barriers are low. The opportunities are vast. Almost anyone, anywhere in the world can create their own business in a matter of days. And look, this is great. I love the world we live in...

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How I Doubled a 7-figure Business in 63 Days

In 2017 I helped take an already successful business… And doubled it in 63 days. We didn’t create a new product. We didn’t attract major investment. We didn’t do anything you couldn’t... We simply took an existing offer and optimized it, doubling revenue practically...

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12 Tips For Hiring World-Class Talent

To grow a business extremely fast, you need ONE key thing: Leverage There are three core forms of leverage a business owner can use to scale their business, including: Money… Systems… People… Now, all three of these are important and necessary... but which do you...

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6 Reasons Why Every Business Owner Needs a Coach

Hi, I’m Austin Netzley. If you’re like me, I have been studying some of the top business gurus in the world for pretty much my entire life. I am so curious why some businesses make it and others don’t. Why do we have the Amazons of the world? And yet on the other...

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