About 2X

The notion of freedom is what drives what we do at 2X.

I want each and everyone of our clients to experience freedom:

To do what you want…
When you want…
With whomever you want…

And that freedom starts with having a successful business.

At 2X, the path to freedom and scales starts with basic foundational principles.

Why the basics?

Trials and errors in my own business ventures have taught me a core truth that appears over and over and over again:

Business starts and ends with an unshakeable foundation.

And after training hundreds of entrepreneurs in multiple past businesses, I realized that…

  • The world doesn’t need another blog article.
  • The world doesn’t need another YouTube video.
  • The world doesn’t need another motivational Instagram account
    with quotes.
  • The world doesn’t need another self-guided program you’ll drop
    after a week or two.
  • The world doesn’t need MORE information…

What the world (or more specifically, your business) needs is to focus on foundational elements. What the world needs is implementation and accountability. What the world needs is intentional action that drives results.

Everything else? Well, those are just shiny objects drawing your time and attention away from what truly matters: The foundation your business stands on.

At 2X, the foundation starts with the ‘boring’ stuff.

The business details that people don’t like to talk about at parties. The hard work that you won’t see in other online programs or a spammy internet marketer selling.

We start at the base. We get really clear about your vision. We dig deep to help you create a business model, strategy, and structure that is going to help you achieve WHY you started in business in the first place.

You didn’t start your business to work
60 hours per week.

You didn’t become an entrepreneur to be concerned about
cash flow all of the time.
You didn’t set out to merely create a job for yourself.

You started your business to have freedom. Upside. Control. Income. Opportunities, flexibility, and some fun.

You started it all for your family and for yourself. And now it is time to reap the rewards for what you’ve begun.

The way to get there?

The foundation, the ‘boring’ stuff that turned into the most amazing formula for your success.

The 2X program is that proven formula.

In the program, we walk you through ten 7-Figure Factors that lead you to scale.

There is a method to what we do, and we guide you and hold you accountable every step of the way.

You are not alone in this.

And neither are we.

At 2X, our top Core Value is The Team, The Team, The Team. All of this works when each and everyone of us is acting as one unit. We are family.

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Meet The Team

Austin NetzleyFounder & CEO

Austin Netzley is a bestselling author, investor and entrepreneur.

He is the Founder and CEO of 2X, a company specializing in helping busy entrepreneurs implement the systems and strategies necessary to scale their business and become successful CEO’s.

Austin is a former collegiate athlete and the #1 international bestselling author of Make Money, Live Wealthy, which has been downloaded and sold over 60,000 times.

He is also the Founder of Epic Launch – a leading book marketing company for business authors, as well as the creator of The 6-Figure Influencer and 6 Months to 6 Figures training programs.

Austin has been featured on many of the world’s largest business websites such as Entrepreneur, Yahoo!, BusinessInsider, The Washington Post, ABC, NBC and more.

Sugar Madrid-Pulgar

Sugar Madrid-Pulgar


Sugar is the go-to jack of all trades on the 2X team. Between spending time with her kids and husband and navigating time differences from her home in Manila, Philippines, she effectively manages her day-to-day at an elite level. From social media to preparing materials for 2X clients, she completely owns the 2X Core Values as Austin's right hand.

When she is not making sure things are humming, she heads out with her family to the mall or movies or to any number of her kids activities before unwinding with her husband.

Phoebe Pierpoint

Phoebe Pierpoint

Social Media Manager

Phoebe is the social media manager responsible for all things digital marketing. A well-rounded background in PR, writing, management and brand strategy makes her an excellent addition to the 2X team. She embodies the 2X Core Value of Living a Level 10 Life by realizing her dream of traveling the country full-time. From climbing some of the countries tallest mountains, to canyoneering in the desert, there’s nothing she won’t do.

When not busy managing content for 2x, she runs a travel blog and podcast to inspire others to live their best life.

Chandler Perog

Chandler Perog

2X Machine Lead Coach

Chandler Perog knows how the right vision and mindset are foundational to success. As a 2X coach, Chandler simplifies business strategies to solve some of the greatest challenges that prevent business growth and client acquisition.

When not working with his clients, you can find Chandler interviewing CEOs for his podcast and volunteering his time with multiple non-profits.

Brandon Virgallito

Brandon Virgallito

2X Coach

Brandon Virgallito firmly believes that you must take opportunity by the hand. In Piqua, Ohio, Brandon does not limit himself to the possibilities that come his way! His tremendous experience has taught him to develop strategies that support result based systems and positioning in the marketplace. Brandon is a master of shifting a client’s perspective on the realities of their business with tact and empathy. With his clarity, clients meet and exceed their goals for explosive growth.

Jen Reid

Jen Reid

2X Coach

Jen Reid started an online transcription business in 2000. During her tenure, she ran operations, service delivery, sales, marketing, customer service and account management at various times, depending on the need. She's excited about working with 2X to leverage that experience to help other entrepreneurs realize their vision by building a systemized and scalable machine, allowing them to enjoy the journey and realize unprecedented success by keeping it simple and staying focused.

Karl Drage

Karl Drage

2X Coach

Karl has taken three businesses to seven and eight figures, and raised over $50m of venture finance for scale-up businesses. A highlight of 2018 was breakfast with Michael Bloomberg talking scale-ups and growth leadership. His first start-up was highlighted by Bill Gates in a key note speech as exemplar in the digital IoT sector. With a strong operations background he has hands on experience in tech, engineering, sales, construction and manufacturing across Europe, the UK and US.

Outside of business ventures, Karl enjoys time with his family, and pursuing adventure sports, having ran over 30 marathons and ultras. Karl is passionate about helping others fulfill their talents.
Mike Kawula

Mike Kawula

2X Coach

Michael is an entrepreneur whose last 3 businesses hit multiple 7-figures each in under 3 years with his past being ranked the 144th fastest growing company by Inc. Magazine in 2012.

He’s an author, has been featured on CNN, interviewed by Anthony Robbins and featured in over 100 publications over the last few years. He’s coached over 1000 entrepreneurs, owned a software business, online business, local cleaning company and now starting a media & education company.

Michael has been an entrepreneur since 9/10/2001, has a strong passion for marketing, startups, disrupting education, his family and the Florida beaches.
Andrew McCallum

Andrew McCallum

2X Coach

He began a startup while studying at university and another, several years later, that has now been operating for 20 years. More recently he has acquired, turned around and grown multiple businesses to 7 figures. Andrew has managed to successfully operate many businesses concurrently after implementing systems, developing a strong team and using KPI tracking with dashboards. With a background and qualifications in Education and IT, Andrew has a passion for lifelong learning and using technology to enable people to reach their full potential.

Willis Wan

Willis Wan

Machine Lead Integrator

Willis is the Integrator Intern for the 2x Machine program, helping clients systemize and scale their businesses. As a Marine Corps veteran, Willis tackles project management and system creation tasks to assist Machine lead coach Chandler Perog with transforming the businesses and lives of our clients.

When not busy implementing for 2x, Willis loves to travel, learn, and experience all that life has to offer.

Willem Flach

Willem Flach

2X Coach

Willem started his career with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Biochemistry from the University of Melbourne, however he was drawn to entrepreneurship from an early age. He has a background in hospitality and B2B services and has been growing six figure business to seven figures and beyond for over thirty years.

He understands what it feels like to work seven days a week for little reward and knows how to get off the hamster wheel.

He has been called a “leader”, “influencer” and “motivator” but prefers to think of himself as a good listener and problem solver.

His favorite mantra in business is, “if you cant measure it, you cant manage it and you cant improve it”
Willem is passionate about the 2X program and as a graduate himself, knows the results that the application of the program can deliver in a very short time.

When not at home in Melbourne Australia, Willem loves to travel the world and meet people who want to maximize their potential and live life on their terms.

Carlton Clark

Carlton Clark

Head of Content

As the head of content at 2X, Carlton is responsible for writing copy for emails, sales pages, case studies, and much more. In addition, he also helps craft product launches, marketing initiatives, and ad campaign strategies.

When he's not writing, Carlton lives a Level 10 Life by traveling across the country and the world. He started his first business at the age of 14 and has been in love with marketing ever since.

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